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image         Conference video archive https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k   Conference opening https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k?t=74   Opening keynote, Bryn Oh, Bryn Oh: An artist’s perspective on creating in a virtual space:   § &n... [More]

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Dear all, The attached documents are the bulletins from the UNESCO Chair for Arts and Learning (situated in Kingston, Ontario, Canada) in three different languages. Professor Larry O Farrell, a drama educator, holds a UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning.        

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This is a call for art project. Deadline is due on September 23, 2010. Please download the attached document for more information. Or http://www.hrv-insea.hr/     

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PARTICIPANTS: Adair Chauveau, Junie Mirabella, Margie Scrabblebat, Marylou Goldrosen, and Kristy Handrick ANNOUNCEMENTS: InAEA have 200 members on FaceBook now! Thank you for join us. Please invite your friends join us too. If you have any suggestion for InAEA, please feel free to let me know.... [More]

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Movie is one of the very important topics when we are talking about visual culture. Many people said movies predict the future. In this video, it shows side-by-side with a timeline of a movie and the reality. I think it is a very good introduction video for teaching visual culture.   &n... [More]

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    With computer software, it is not very difficult to make a montage. With creative idea, Scott Blake makes montage to a new level. Barcodes in the barcode art might represent different related merchandise, images, or videos. With barcode scanner, the whole barcode is not only ... [More]