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image         Conference video archive https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k   Conference opening https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k?t=74   Opening keynote, Bryn Oh, Bryn Oh: An artist’s perspective on creating in a virtual space:   § &n... [More]

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WCAE Newsletter Content outline: (For more information, please download the full document) THE 2ND WORLD CONFERENCE NEWS –KOREA Preliminary meeting held for UNESCO conference The 1st Culture Arts Education Forum   THE 2ND WORLD CONFERENCE NEWS-ABROAD UNESCO Network of Arts Education... [More]

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Happy Chinese New Year. This is the year of Tiger! (I am a Chinese Tiger! Happy Tiger year~)     Most of the time, Chinese display the paper cutting during the new year time or when people are getting married;it is not only a decoration for house, but also symbolizes happiness. ... [More]

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Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to marble or other stone. The patterns are the result of color floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size, and then carefully transferred to a sheet of paper (or other surfaces such as fab... [More]

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XXIV. Black International Cinema Berlin Germany & USA 2009 May 7-10 Rathaus Schöneberg (city hall) John-F.-Kennedy-Platz 10825 Berlin-Schöneberg "A COMPLEXION CHANGE – International & Intercultural Diplomacy"   A tribute to: Chancellor Willy Brandt "The futur... [More]

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  Thanks for Dr. SageStage Minotaur helped us to organize this meeting minutes! :) PARTICIPANTS: SageStage Minotaur, Popolohua Heron, Liliann Ling, Ootah Quartz, Marylou Goldrosen, Anya Quixote, RainbowSprite Quixote, MadFencer Zane, Mashi Muramabhad, Lilly Bieler, Marvel Recreant, and K... [More]

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Before I noticed this function, I always just drag texture on one surface of  a prim to make one prim have multiple textures. However, when I edited the color of a prim, the whole prim color changed. Therefore, when I noticed this function, I was really happy.   This is in the building t... [More]