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image         Conference video archive https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k   Conference opening https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k?t=74   Opening keynote, Bryn Oh, Bryn Oh: An artist’s perspective on creating in a virtual space:   § &n... [More]

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Philip Rosedale is the founder of the Linden Lab. He is also the founder and CEO of Second Life. The first video here is made at year 2006, at that time, SL had no voice chat, only one skin. That was a different world from the Second Life today for me. Andy Grove and Philip Rosedale exchange Second... [More]

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Dear all, Dr. Lilly Lu invites all of you to come to join the Art Cafe events. Please see the information below. Hello! We would like to invite you to join our first event in Art Café @ Second Life. Dr. Kerry Freedman will present her recent research interest “Investigating identity in ... [More]

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Download your Second Life Quick Start Guide   This is Second Life official quick start guild. It is image based guide, therefore, it is very clear and can be easily understood. If you never been to SL, and would like to have a try, take a look at it! (There are some keyboard shortcuts that ... [More]

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  Spontaneous Fantasia is a 3D virtual art created by J. Walt. He presented his spontaneous art at NAEA conference 2009, Minneapolis.  Each of his art is about 3-5 minutes. And each art is in different “virtual environment.” The Spontaneous Fantasia is a very n... [More]

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I enjoyed this year conference very much as before. Sometimes, if time space, and money is available, meet people in real is better than meet people in SL. Go to museums or galleries in real is better than go to museums and galleries in SL. By today’s technology, the feeling that you can get from re... [More]

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I always believe that knowledge is build up by everyone’s collaboration. For me, knowledge will be meaningless if we hide them.That’s why, I try to share what I know with everyone who has the same interests with me. OK, Today I am going to share how I follow news which related with Second Life. ... [More]

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Dear all InAEA visitors: Thank you for your support of InAEA website. Since Oct. 2008, we have more than 2500 visitors come from around the world. The top 5 countries of InAEA visitors are the US, Turkey, Taiwan, UK, and Portugal. I am really appreciate those visitors who subscribe our feeds and n... [More]

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  Member present: Janmont Pinklady, Stone Semyorka,Liliann Ling, and Kristy Handrick Announcement:   1. NAEA Minneapolis conference will be held on April 17 to April 21. Presenters: Visit NAEA's Wikispace at http://naea.wikispaces.com/ to upload your session information and handouts fo... [More]

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Now, finally I am preparing for do my dissertation research in Second Life now. I did some pilot studies before in SL, include interview and survey. However, at that time, the interviews I done were not from voice chat, but from text. I believe everyone knows that to do interview in SL as text chat ... [More]

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  L'homme 100 têtes from Julien Lassort on Vimeo.   Playing off the theme of a recent video contest, « Transformation : Live and React », Julien Lassort and Matthieu Burlot (France) explored the human face, the most exposed and personal part of the human body. Their dynamic portray... [More]