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InAEA 2011 March Meeting Minutes



Robert Quinn, Zultress Maven, Liliann Ling, and Sandrine Han



The VWBPE (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education) will be held on March 17, 2011 – March 19, 2011. Free registration at: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1047722767/efblike For more information and schedule please see: http://conf.vwbpe.org/index.php/index/index/index/index


DISCUSSION: Teaching art in Second Life

[2011/03/05 06:26] Sandrine Han: compare with teaching face to face what are the differences? which one do you prefer?

[2011/03/05 06:27] Robert Quinn: oh yeah, there are a lot of differences. you can use video pretty well these days in online teaching to do video tutorials, and that helps with demonstrations of art making methods

[2011/03/05 06:28] Sandrine Han: totally, video sometimes even better than RL demo... :)

[2011/03/05 06:28] Robert Quinn: there are some sychronous technologies that can be used pretty well, like centra, for teleconferencing.

[2011/03/05 06:29] Sandrine Han:I see...

[2011/03/05 06:29] Zultress Maven: Are you using Adobe Connect or Blackboard -- what's your DL interface?

[2011/03/05 06:30] Robert Quinn:BlackBoard

[2011/03/05 06:30] Sandrine Han:(I used Adobe Connect and Blackboard before... I prefer SL... :p)

[2011/03/05 06:31] Robert Quinn: haha! yeah, i am very new to SL...am just trying it with my virtual office hours for students to voluntarily participate and test it out with me.

[2011/03/05 06:31] Zultress Maven: I can see why you like SL better!

[2011/03/05 06:35] Sandrine Han:SL is not a cheap place to use for education...

[2011/03/05 06:35] Zultress Maven: Yes that's what I had heard and for Community College that's a real barrier

[2011/03/05 06:37] Zultress Maven: Have you been building things in SL? When I first looked at the art school experiment I thought Wow -- you could do a whole curriculum on building public art in social spaces...

[2011/03/05 06:37] Robert Quinn:yeah, i might try it with a grad class next semester for full class participation.

[2011/03/05 06:38] Robert Quinn:i've not tried building anything in SL yet.

[2011/03/05 06:38] Sandrine Han:I think SL is more interactive than other 3D software, and has more possibilities

[2011/03/05 06:39] Sandrine Han: if you alread know about other 3D software, you will think SL is way too easy!

[2011/03/05 06:39] Liliann Ling: I don't really build anything (because I don't have time), but I teach students to build

[2011/03/05 06:40] Liliann Ling: other 3D program takes a long time to learn

[2011/03/05 06:44] Sandrine Han:Robert, can you see your students' work from distance? how they show you their work?

[2011/03/05 06:47] Robert Quinn: hi sandrine...my students photograph their work and submit the images on blackboard.

[2011/03/05 06:48] Zultress Maven: Have you thought about using Flickr, Robert?

[2011/03/05 06:48] Sandrine Han: Oh, I see... and you can critic it online, right?

[2011/03/05 06:49] Robert Quinn:haven't used flickr, zultress...do u like it?

[2011/03/05 06:49] Zultress Maven: I have done a bunch of projects with Flickr (yes like it) and they've been successful -- it's part of my talk at NAEA



FIELD TRIP: PARIS  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%201900/36/142/27


Next meeting time: April 9th, 6 AM SL time= 6AM PST, 7AM MST, 8 AM CST, 9 AM EST,

Sydney=23:00; Frankfurt=15:00; Taipei=21:00. You are very welcome to join us!

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