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Rotoball- International Animation Collaboration

Dear all,

I got an mail about an international project. I think this is a really great chance for our students and us to do the international collaborative animation project together!

The Rotoball project official website: http://carrotrevolution.com/rotoball 

You can find more related information at http://arted20.ning.com/groups/group/show?id=670107%3AGroup%3A8022


Rotoball 2009 (ver.2) from The Carrot Revolution on Vimeo.

Hi all- this year our international collaborative animation, Rotoball is open to all kinds of animation. Your students animate 15 seconds of a ball entering the screen, transforming, and exiting the screen. For more information have a look at the website, and join the rotoball group here on AE20.
Last year we had 20 schools from 7 countries around the world, and almost 200 students involved. We're looking to leave that record far behind!—from Art Education 2.0, Teaching Animation

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