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Spontaneous Fantasia—by J.Walt


Spontaneous Fantasia is a 3D virtual art created by J. Walt. He presented his spontaneous art at NAEA conference 2009, Minneapolis. 

Each of his art is about 3-5 minutes. And each art is in different “virtual environment.”

The Spontaneous Fantasia is a very new art form, the whole creating process is with music and movement.


More about Spontaneous Fantasia: http://www.spontaneousfantasia.com/


J. Walt really gives me some idea about art education. We, as art educator, should not only apply or find good technology tools to use, but we should think about how can we create or think of what kind of technology is the best for our classroom. J. Walt create his own tool, own art, own world, why we cannot? I believe, in the 21 century, how to create or think of a new tool (technology) is more important than to teach or learn a new tool.

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4/22/2009 11:12:26 AM #

Janet Montgomery

Wow! Can't wait until school's out so I can figure out how he did this!  Thanks for posting it!  Is he a member of INAEA?Janet M.

Janet Montgomery United States |

4/22/2009 11:56:09 AM #


Hi, Janet,There were so many exciting things happening in the conference. This is one of them. I am glade that you enjoy his work because I do too! Smile We can talk about his work more in our May meeting. By the way, I don't think J. Walt is member of InAEA though.

sandrine United States |

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