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Orz <— pictograph words


There are some punctuations we adapted as emoticons. Such as: :-) ;-) :-D

In Asia, the combination of alphabets also be seen as emoticons, for example: Orz


Orz is “an emoticon representing a kneeling or bowing person(Mainly used in east Asia)” (From Wikipedia).

It starts from Japan and goes to China and Taiwan, and been broadly used in Taiwan. It can also been shown as “orz、zro、Orz、zrO、0rz、zr0、ORZ、ZRO、○| ̄|_”… The meaning of “Orz” is to show a person is very depressed, upset, and helpless.







Besides, when we combine punctuations and alphabets, words can not only become article, but also become pictures!

Think outside the box, alphabets could have more possibilities!

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M.Efe Ozer

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