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[5 Feb 2010 | 0 Comments]

  Thanks for Dr. SageStage Minotaur helped us to organize this meeting minutes! :) PARTICIPANTS: SageStage Minotaur, Popolohua Heron, Liliann Ling, Ootah Quartz, Marylou Goldrosen, Anya Quixote, RainbowSprite Quixote, MadFencer Zane, Mashi Muramabhad, Lilly Bieler, Marvel Recreant, and K... [More]

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[17 Jan 2010 | 0 Comments]

~~~~~~ SL Art Educator Series ~~~~~ #1 January 22  (Friday) @ 8pm CST Mary Stokrocki & Sandra Andrews will present "Empowering the Disenfranchised Through Art: Explorations in Building Sites and Futures in Second Life".   #2 February 19 (Friday) @ 8pm CST Karen Keifer-Boyd ... [More]

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[26 May 2009 | 0 Comments]

Dear all, I got an email from Art Cafe team, it is about the art cafe upcoming event. Please see below for more information Hi there,   You are invited to attend Art Café's upcoming event "Visual Culture and Gender" presented by Debbie Smith-Shank in Second Life at 9pm CDT on 5/... [More]