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image         Conference video archive https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k   Conference opening https://youtu.be/uZT37AH9g5k?t=74   Opening keynote, Bryn Oh, Bryn Oh: An artist’s perspective on creating in a virtual space:   § &n... [More]

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For more information, please visit Here www.insea2011.org The final date of the next InSEA World Congress is 26th June—1st July 2011 InSEA Congress Change of date: In the first 6 months of 2011, Hungary will provide the Presidency for the European Union. The InSEA Congress is planned... [More]

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Thoughts after presentation… Thanks for my great audiences! you made the presentation so fun! Thank you! I feel, present in Second Life need to be more skillful than in RL presentation. Because people cannot see my facial expression, and I am an ESL person, I used "speakeasy” to help people... [More]

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS—DEADLINE APRIL 2 Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life Eleventh Annual National Conference Convergence Zones: Public Cultures and Translocal Practices Seattle, Washington 23-25 September 2010 Conference Theme Imagining America invites university affiliat... [More]

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          USSEA/InSEA Regional Conference June 11-June 13 2010 Youth and Community Development: How the Arts Serve Economically Impoverished Communities At State University of New York at New Paltz New Paltz, New York   Mission of Conference In a global... [More]

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        PARTICIPANTS: Liliann Ling, Ootah Quartz, Gentle Heron, Eme Capalini, Mashi Muramabhad, Lilly Bieler, Thursday Xu, and Kristy Handrick, ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. InSEA gets a new website now! It is more interactive, and more user friendly. If you are a member of InSEA, ... [More]