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image       InAEA 2ND BIANNUAL VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: ART EDUCATION IN THE ERA OF CREATIVITY     Hosted by InAEA Endorsed by InSEA http://www.insea.org/ Supported by NAEA Art Education Technology Sponsored by Wu Ya Hsien     Call for proposal is extended to Au... [More]

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         This is Oscar Best Animated Short Film. The story is a bout A grandpa who lived in the house has been constantly building houses on top, as the water level rises. It is made by a Japanese artist: Kunio Kato 加藤久仁生. This film is Kunio Kato’s first Ac... [More]

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       Follow up Julian Beever—Pavement Drawings, Escher is a well know illusion artist. Escher was born in the Netherlands. His artistic expression was created from images in his mind. He worked primarily in the media of lithographs and woodcuts, though the few mezz... [More]

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  There are many people ask me about how to build in Second Life. I would love to share my experience with everyone. Therefore, I think I should start a new category about how to build in Second Life. First, I would like to share how I learn about building in SL.    Resources: 1.... [More]

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Member present: Marylou Goldrosen, Liliann Ling, Nord Bristol, and Kristy Handrick Announcement: Our InAEA website is newly updated. http://www.inaea.org I am trying to gather different visual culture from around the world. I hope in the future this website can be a visual culture bank. By view... [More]